Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Just a little Warm.... Eginma Apparel

Time for the hot cup of cocoa before you head outside and check out that Christmas Trees. This seems to be the time of year that you don't just decorate the inside but the outside as well. Now I am thinking I didn't really wear enough to be showing off this tree, but heck what the hell!  But at least I did have this cute sweater on from Eginma Apparel along with the skirt. The outfit is called Outfit Esther.  The sweater and skirt both come with a hud that allows you to change the colors of the sweater and the skirt. 6 options for each. Simply simple but cute! I know this is a short entry today, but I've been a bit under the weather. So hope you enjoy this read. If I don't see you all before Christmas... Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!

 Lara Body- Maitreya
Skin-<Peach>MAITREYA (CURVY)-Pink Fuel 
Head- Kimberly-Catwa
Hair-Exile:: Maybe 5 Color Naturals pack
Eyes-Liquid ~Sonic Silver- (TY!!)
Makeup-Eyes- Liquid-All that Glitters Red Eyeshadow applier(TY)
Lips-Liquid- Slippery Lipstick(TY)
BentBox Sylvan Ears
Tattoo-Letis tattoo- I have a Dream\
Letis Tattoo-Inermis Pack::PACK15001::
.Identity. Body Shop.-Peaceful Soul


Sweater/Skirt-Eginma Apparel(TY)
Shoes-REIGN. - Glitter Holiday


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Memories-- Entice, Liquid, POE10

Everyone is normally going to Christmas parties, exchanging gifts, and just getting lit to enjoy the Holiday, along with trying to cope with the in-laws and family during this time of year. Now, I have to say I am lucky. Well, I don't know if lucky is the correct terminology. I don't have to worry about in-laws, gotta have someone willing to stick around to make that ever happen! As for family, well I used to have the big family get-togethers. The food, card games, football games, parades-- at that jazz. But due deaths, marriages, and growing apart it is now just our family of five. This consists of my mom, dad, brother, son and myself. Which honestly is just fine for me. But I wish I could have had all that with my son. But it's okay, we are making our own memories.
The set that is behind me is called the May your Christmas be bright: Santa & pals set by  BM(Beyond Majestic) which can also be found during the POE10 Event. It is a simple little set,  but just perfect to finish off your Holiday decor. I love the details and speciall the lights that hand off the shelf. The shelf is meant for a corner but I loved it just the way it was. But it's a good filler if you can't find something to take care of that pesky corner.
This outfit from Entice is a way to start getting me in a festive spirit. It's called Mockingbird. It can be found at the Cosmopolitan event from Dec. 17-28. - Maitreya, Slink Hourglass, Belleza Freya

    - 199L each /599 Fatpack (2 bonus colors in fatpack as well as texture change HUD with options for the sweater (main, sleeves, collar) and Skirt (Main, Waist, Ruffle)
I am totally in love with the fact that as it is stated above that it has a texture change hud. You can change the entire outfit pretty much any color that you need. Along with mixing and matching them!
  The Pendant that I have around my neck is from the POE10 Event.  It is from Virus Collection and called  Yggdrasil.  Now along with loving bohemian, my next favorite is Celtic. Now this necklace does come with earrings, bracelets, belly ring, necklace, and ankle bracelets. I am not sure if it's a whole set, but even to purchase them individually I would so do. Though I had to figure how to turn off the bling in the ankle bracelet, it wasn't hard, and I adore it!
  Now I am a bit makeup whore when it comes to my face. So when Liquid came out with the holiday set for Cosmetic fair, I so couldn't help but rush to try it on. The color that I have on right now is the  All that Glitters Red Eyeshadow applier. I love the shade of red. It's not too bright, but not too dull and looks amazing! I am also wearing the Slippery Lipstick in the shade of Rose.  Once again I am in love!
  Sorry for my lack of posts so far this month, the Holidays seem to be a bit busy and I am attempting to enjoy them for the first time in a while. Cause heck, I've never had two weeks off with my son for any sort of vacation/break. So I hope that you all have Happy Holidays and a Great New Year!!

 Lara Body- Maitreya
Skin-<Peach>MAITREYA (CURVY)-Pink Fuel 
Head- Kimberly-Catwa
Hair- Truth-November-Ginvera-Holiday Edition
Eyes-Liquid ~Sonic Silver- (TY!!)
Makeup-Eyes- Liquid-All that Glitters Red Eyeshadow applier(TY)
Lips-Liquid- Slippery Lipstick(TY)
BentBox Sylvan Ears

                                                      Shoes-Reign- PomPom Kates 


Lilo 9(Rare), 1, 8 :::ChicChica:::
Lakrya - Elza Bento Mesh Ring & HUD

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's a White Christmas~POE10,Liquid,Gacha Good(Winterfest),The Makeover Room

 Lara Body- Maitreya
Skin-<Peach>MAITREYA (CURVY)-Pink Fuel 
Head- Kimberly-Catwa
Hair -.EscalateD. Lovana Duo- POE10
Eyes-Liquid ~Sonic Silver- (TY!!)
Makeup-Eyes- !IT! Night Out Eyeshadow-TMR(TY!)
Lipstick- Melantha Lips-Avada(TY!)
BentBox Sylvan Ears
Piercings-PUNCH / Trine
Tattoo-Liquid- Enchanted (TY)
Nails-Slipper-Happy Holidays!-(TY)POE10

AF Mielly BabyDoll- Winterfest(TY)

Slipper-Happy Holiday! Nails

Liquid-Enchatment Tattoo

TMR-!It! Nightout Eye Shadow
Melantha Lips-Avada

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Escape--Entice, MakeoverRoom, POE10

Not all of us like the cold. For me, that is no acceptation. I couldn't stand the cold, so I escaped to a place that was nice and warm. This outfit is one of my favorites that I received from Just Ordinary from the POE10 Event. This romper is called Rachel Romper. It comes in white and gold. Made for most all mesh body and also comes with standard sizes as well.  I did have to hide my nipples, but other than that, I would have to advise everyone to check it out. Well, not everyone, women, of course, unless you into wearing women clothing!
I am a lovey-dovey type of person when the time is right. But I don't show it a lot. But these Yumi Cutted Heart Tattoos from S e a r e n can be found in The makeover room.  These can be applied to your chest, knees, and hands. I have to say I don't normally like things like this. Just not my thing, but the longer that I wore them, I really do like them. Very Nicely done.
Entice made me very excited about their Freeze your Eye makeup.  I really like that the hud option gives you 15 different choice of colors and slight variations of design. Some of them are very subtle and I really love the colors as well! Make sure you go and check this out! Makes great for the winter and photographers, who want to make a pop!
The makeover room again wowed me with their Melantha Lips from Avada. The hud contains 14 different lip options for colors. Some of them are slight to bright, but that's an easy fix with your head hud to lighten them. They are too perfect to make that pop you want for pictures.
Well, I do hope that you all enjoyed reading this, as I had a good time writing this! Happy Hump Day!!

 Lara Body- Maitreya
Skin-<Peach>MAITREYA (CURVY)-Pink Fuel 
Head- Kimberly-Catwa
Hair -Ginevra with Headband--Truth
Eyes-Liquid ~Sonic Silver- (TY!!)
BentBox Sylvan Ears
                       Makeup- Lips-Avada~ Melantha Lips@TMR(TY)
          Entice - Freeze You Out Eye Makeup - Catwa/Omega(TY)
Tattoo-S e a r e n - Yumi Cutted Heart Tattoo @ TMR
Jewelry-Kibitz - Jess necklace - gold
Lilo 9(Rare), 1, 8 :::ChicChica:::

Rachel Romper Glitter White Gold- Just Ordinary-POE10
Reign- Glitteratti Heels

Monday, December 4, 2017

Under the Christmas Tree-Entice, Autumn Frost Event, POE10,Dear Santa,Z.O.E

Everyone loves presents and who wouldn't? This year my tree will be lacking the presents. But that is okay. It's all about spending time with family, friends and just enjoying the time of year. But it's not about the presents. But I have to say I got a lot of presents from my sponsors this year for Christmas and I couldn't be more excited. I did several events and I hope that you all enjoy hearing about them. The Christmas tree is from the Festive Winter Skybox that Z.O.E put out for the Peace On Earth Hunt 10. I am a lover of skyboxes and this one was awesome! Not only does it have an option just for the House box itself it also has a winter box that goes around it too. The snow that falls is so pretty and looks amazing. But due to my small amount of prims, I could only use the non-dome version. Then Z.O.E surprised me after showing her my blog and I am now a blogger for her!Thank you! So I got to go to the store and pick out several items that I wanted to blog. I couldn't help but get grabby fingers for Sled Decor Bells (Rare).   I just had to have it! So uber cute.
With every winter scene, you have to have Reindeer, and I couldn't help but use the Mariposa Nice and Naughty Twin Joker deer. These can be found at the Dear Santa Event.  They have little sayings that they each say when you press them. They are a must-have for your decor.  Now back last year I never knew what these things were . But had a friend that was obsessed with them. They are the Bang Figures, made by Bang! Vinyl .  Now I have to say, that when I saw the figures in these boxes I put them out instantly. They are the old original Christmas moves. Rudolph, Grinch, Frosty... the Christmas movies that I grew up with! These can be found at the Christmas Expo Event.   
I couldn't help but put out the UI Winter Cloud Scene Deer and the Elk Set. These are very cute and decorative. There is a Fox, Polar Bear and Reindeer that goes with this set. If you're looking for something to take up an empty space or to add to an extensive scene this would do it!
Now the outfit that I have one is another one of my sponsors called Entice. The most part of the outfit is called Fire meets Gasoline. The Sweater, skirt, and tights. I then also took the boots off the set called Ireland's Call Boot. But I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this!

 Lara Body- Maitreya
Skin-<Peach>MAITREYA (CURVY)-Pink Fuel 
Head- Kimberly-Catwa
Hair -Magika - Sparkle (w/ lights)
Eyes-Liquid ~Sonic Silver- (TY!!)
BentBox Sylvan Ears
Piercings-PUNCH / Trine
.:ECCO:. Trothe Bridge Dermal Piercing(MP)
-DimplePiercings-Silver no shadow-(MP) [PuncturedPinup]
SimpleNosePiercing-(MP) [PuncturedPinup]

                                                Sweater/Skirt/tights-Fire Meets Gasoline--Entice(TY)
Ireland's Call Boots--Entice(TY)

Gacha Good- Dear Santa Hunt 
Hunt begins December 1st 
Hunt Ends December 31st
1 linden for Hunters or 25 Linden for shoppers option
POE 10--Peace on Earth(THANK YOU)
>Blogger Packs-November 15th-November 28th, 2017
>Final Set up Day/Walkthru-->November 29th
>Hunt begins December 1
>Hunt ends on December 31st
Christmas Expo Event(Thank you)
Expo Begins December 1 
Expo Ends on December 10

Fair Dates
Setup - Nov 15 - Nov 17, 2017
Fair Opens - Nov 18, 2017
Fair Closes - Dec 6, 2017

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